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About Kelsea Joann

A few of my favorite things:

  • 80s power jams 

  • Unicorns (I kinda feel like I started this...)

  • Teal (again, I was way ahead of the curve here)

  • Mixed Tapes from my husband (please refer to the first bullet point)

  • Pizza (like, yeah)

  • Waterfalls (so cliché)

  • Dance parties with my Marissa Maehem

  • Graphic Tees (ideally, with a unicorn)

  • Pretentious beer

  • Inside jokes

  • All of the Wine

Look, there she goes, that girl is strange, but special...

Hey there, hey!


It's me - I'm the one on the left...although, I wouldn't mind being as cute and sassy as the one in the middle or as tall and good-looking as the one on the right, but I'm okay with being the one on the left. Especially because the one on the left gets to be part of your family's memories! Here's the thing about me - I'm a sarcastic, fun-loving, sentimentalist who wants you to think I have a little bit of street cred, but really am just a big softy. I am clinically obsessed with photography (that's a thing) and with giving my clients gorgeous memories to share forever and ever. These two humans are my driving force, my joy, and all similar nouns...They inspire me to see beauty and capture it. They also inspire me to act ridiculous, and if you don't believe me, you should tune into my Insta Stories because there's some incontrovertible evidence on those babies...

Speaking of evidence, I am also a full time attorney. That's right, Monday through Friday, I'm divorcing people, arguing over dollars and cents, and trying to do my best when it comes to litigating custody and parenting time for children. Heavy work, bro. That's why, when I get to your photoshoot, I am happy AF to be there, to meet you, to smile with you, to laugh with you and to love with you. Not in like a weird, creeper way, but in an appreciative, thankful way. I want your session to be hilarious, easy, and a surprisingly good time. You'll hear my awkward, stream-of-consciousness commentary and I'll always be the first to make wise-cracks about...everything. Wise-cracks? Did I just say that? I'm turning into my mother...

I run primarily on humor and is in there too, and definitely wine. I love chatting about everything (except gory stuff, you can keep that shit to yourself) and treat everyone I meet like a long lost friend. This annoys my husband because he feels like I don't necessarily need to have a 20 minute discussion in the checkout line at Trader Joe's on the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar with the 76 year old woman behind me (verdict: ACV tastes like feet) but YOLO!

Anyways - if you made it to the end of this, you're either feeling like we're going to be BFFs or second guessing your choice of photographer. Either way, I'm already impressed with your commitment to get down to this paragraph. My goal is to have an amazing experience with you and to capture something I'm freakishly passionate about - your memories, your emotion, and your fun. Let's do this.

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