Jake & Joelle Engagement: Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Welcome to my new blog! I'm hoping it will be more convenient and clear to my clients to have all my website information and blogging in one spot! Today is the first day that users of my website host can post "multi-content" blog entries, so I'm hoping it all works well (let me know what you think!)

Without further ado - enter one of my favorite sessions ever! I have so much fun with these two! We laughed so hard and had such a good time at this engagement shoot - I could have stayed out there with these two perfect people in this perfect setting all evening (however, my husband's repeated texts requesting Coburg Pizza Company also reminded me that I had a good dinner to take home.)

As you may recall from my first post for their save the date session, I've known Jake since he was a wee little lad...sporting some bleached hair on his 2nd grade soccer team. He's obviously grown up quite a bit and managed to lock down a beautiful, hilarious and sweet bride. I could not be more happy for them.

You may notice below that there are an exceptional number of images included from this session...whelp, that's because there were an exceptional number of images that I fell in love with! Did I mention that the lighting and location were perfect? Rarely do I let my couples sneak a peek at my screen mid-session, but this time I did and Jake said, "How do you make it so pretty?" That's my job! I can't wait to take someone else out there this summer! I have two slots left for summer sessions, so you should probably get a jump on that. :)

I can't wait for Jake and Joelle's wedding next month...I know it's going to be a blast...This may be one where I put my camera down at the end of the evening and just party like a rockstar...Joelle, would you mind? :)

I adore this sweet shot...I sent it through the time machine to give an old feel...If I'm still around on their 50th anniversary, I say we re-enact this!

Remember what I said about killer lighting? Check out Joelle's hair highlights...GORGEOUS! Oh, and also check out Jake's electro-cop watch...That thing needs its own area code.

I just adore the colors here...so much vibrance. This shot definitely captures my style...A lot of contrast and rich colors :)

I think this one is in my top 5 favorites. Joelle is stunning and the backdrop with them in the McKenzie is picture perfect.

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