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Melissa + Derek: Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Derek and Melissa had a beautiful, sweet, and loving wedding at Lewis and Clark Catering back in June. When Melissa initially contacted me about shooting her wedding, the date she inquired about was already booked. I gave her some dates I had available (biggest compliment in the world to have a couple move their wedding date around so you can shoot it!) and we discovered that one of the dates was actually hers and Derek's anniversary - it was meant to be!

The day dawned as one of the most sweltering June days (I'm convinced) in history! As temperatures soared past 100 degrees, it became obvious that minimizing time outdoors was a must! Luckily, the venue was perfect for just that! Derek and Melissa had a beautiful ceremony, followed by a reception during which Derek had created an amazing video/slideshow to share with guests! The love was so evident throughout the day, despite the ridiculously high temperatures. Derek and Melissa, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your perfect wedding day!

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