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Mary and Josh: Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer. Emerald Valley Golf and Resort

Mary, Josh and I had our first (and only) meeting via Skype. It was the first time I'd "consulted" with potential wedding clients online and, I must say, it was pretty awesome. Mary and Josh live on the East Coast and planned to have a gorgeous military wedding at my personal favorite venue, Emerald Valley Resort and Golf Club. (it holds sentimental value to me as that is where MY wedding was :) ) I was so excited to be a part of their big day!

It was a little odd meeting the bride and groom in person for the first time on the actual wedding day, but Mary and Josh are such gracious, accommodating and sweet people that we immediately got in step with each other and starting making some beautiful photos :) It also helps that Josh is hilarious.

I quickly fell in love with Mary's color choices - the deep red coupled with Josh's Marine uniform (is it called a uniform? Or is it called something more flashy and awesome like Formal Blues or something?) made the entire day classic, romantic, and bold. Mary and Josh did a hand fasting during their ceremony with a beautiful sash and even had bagpipes to escort them out as they kissed their way through the toll bridge of swords to make their exit ("the toll for passage is a kiss!")

As often happens at a wedding, we were short for time before the ceremony to do the bride and groom portraits, so during dinner I convinced Josh to just give me 20 minutes to do some photos around the beautiful Emerald Valley grounds. We hopped in our golf carts and did some blitzkrieg (<-----military word!) photography wherein which we toured the golf course with about a two minute stop for photos at several different locations. It was a bit of a blur, but I'm so glad we did! I loved the way the beautiful setting sun gave us such warm light :)

As per my usual, I was unable to narrow down much as far as my favorites from this gorgeous wedding, so you get to feast your eyes on a lot :)

For the full wedding gallery, you can go here:

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