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Sydney + Wade, Village Green Resort Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Sydney and Wade are one of the most sweet and caring couples I have ever been fortunate enough to photograph. Not just to each other, but even to me! Their wedding day forecast was questionable, in true Oregon October fashion, but the ceremony was set up outdoors in the beautiful garden at Village Green Resort. An hour before the ceremony, the rain started. There was a covered pavillion with the beautiful fountain as the backdrop and Sydney and Wade made the last minute decision to move all of the chairs. With the help of some awesome wedding guests and DJ (Jared of Destination Events, who coincidentally DJ'ed MY wedding) all of the chairs were moved...just in time for the sun to break through the clouds again...cruel mistress that you are, Oregon weather!

Wade and Sydney maintained their humor (read: hilarity) throughout. The ceremony was gorgeous, albeit not where originally planned. I fell head over heels in love with their wedding details and theme - Art Deco as described by Wade. I sensed the 1920s/Great Gatsby vibe (which Wade assured me was a common association) and loved all of the perfect tie-ins...from the font and signage, to the "speakeasy" and the amazing cake and champagne tower. It was an elaborate and perfectly executed concept and, of course, I loved every second!

The wedding day was endearing, just as the wedding couple was. Their kindness and generosity was visible as was their love and adoration of each other. I was also privileged enough to hear the story of how the two became one - told in Dr. Suess poem format by sister-of-the-bride Marisa in one of the most amazing speeches I've ever heard.

Sydney and Wade, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your gorgeous wedding day. Here are some of my favorites, as per my usual, my ability to narrow down the images to feature in the blog post was lacking, but that's to your benefit, right?

Venue: The Village Green Resort, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Flowers: Patton's Country Gardens, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Cake: Market of Choice, Willamette Street Bakery

For the link to the full gallery, click here:

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