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Catherine & Rudy's Detailed, Masterpiece Wedding, Oak Knoll Acres, Oregon Photographer

Catherine and Rudy. Richardson and Rodriguez. Richriguez as I refer to their wedding; RichRod as my husband refers to it. Why is my husband referring to this wedding? Well, because he wanted to know what bride I was messaging with at all hours of the day and night and which bride was sending me the most pins I have ever received for a wedding (EVER!) and which bride it was that was making me snort/scoff/laugh out loud at my phone while I was supposed to be devoting my attention to The Voice auditions. The answer was always Catherine.

Catherine and I met years ago through good old networking (literally, a networking group). She met me in my day-job capacity and soon took an interest in my moonlighting business of photography...I am pretty sure she had her wedding just so I could photograph it. She had layers upon layers of intricate details incorporated into her wedding day and so many different elements, it was like a variety show at times! And, of course, it all was executed perfectly and I'm sure you can guess why...Because Catherine, the genius bride that she is, hired the dazzlingly amazing Kandice Kelso of Green-Eyed Girl Productions to coordinate.

I'm not sure a wedding with as so many elements (choreographed dances, flash curtains, surprise performances, signage, messages, sentimental moments, inside jokes) could have been pulled off without Kandice. Catherine had a very specific vision for the day and she and Kandice managed to make it all come together in a coordinated masterpiece. These photos all tell the story that is almost impossible to convey for those that were not there - there was a wedding party dance down the aisle, a father-daughter dance at the end of the aisle, a ceremony to combine the families during the marriage itself, a precious necklace carrying Aunt Yvonne with Catherine down the aisle (she passed away last year), a surprise Baby Got Back toast from the bridesmaids, Cheeseburger in Paradise performance, a milk and cookies bar, and miles upon miles of bride and groom portraits. All of this made possible by the impeccable planning and efficient instruction of the Green-Eyed Girl.

I did include a little extra detail in this blog post (images and text) for the sake of highlighting how amazing Kandice is at what she does. When she was sharing with me all that Catherine had planned, I just had no idea how it was all going to be pulled off, but together they did it and I felt so privileged to be there to photograph it. One of the sweetest surprises of the entire experience for me was Rudy's gooey, endearing love that just poured out all day long. It was evident this man was head over heels in love with his bride...Also, when I posted some sneak peeks, Catherine videoed Rudy seeing them for the first time...BEST.THING.EVER! Hearing Rudy say, "Ohhh my godddd, I'm gonna cry...look at this picture!" and then "I need one more, tell her to post one more..." Makes my job even more satisfying. Thank you both a million times over.

Wedding Coordinator: Green-Eyed Girl Productions

Venue: Oak Knoll Acres

Florals: Patton's Country Gardens

Centerpiece Numbering: The Vintage Event

Catering: Boss Hawg (Mac and Cheese, Mac and Cheese! OMG!)

DJ and Rentals: Destination Events


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