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Travis & Mikaela's Backyard Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Happy one month anniversary to Travis and Mikaela who were married last month in a beautiful backyard ceremony. The day dawned exceptionally smoky and warm and at first, I was so worried that the photos would be negatively impacted by all of that haze! On our way to the wedding site, we saw multiple firefighter base camps (which was actually sort of cool!) and from the ceremony site itself, we could see a location where firefighters were coming out of the forest and switching the fleet. It was fascinating to see a glimpse into the firefighting efforts being put towards the Jones Fire.

When we arrived, I noticed that the smoke was creating a sort of diffuser for the sun and may actually help with lighting for that day. My assistant and I were greeted by Travis who is seriously one of the sweetest, warmest, and kindest guys ever. We discussed locations for the first look and I went in to meet with the bride. When I entered the home, I was met with some of the most fun and camera-ready bridesmaids I've ever encountered. Mikaela herself was looking gorgeous and ready for the first look.

As soon as I got Mikaela and Travis together, the fun, laughter, giggling, and smiling never stopped. These two were obviously head over heels in love with each other and were so appreciative throughout the day that they were coming together forever. The couples' vows were heartfelt and had every eye in attendance streaming tears (myself included.) All day, the vibe I kept getting from Travis was "I hope everyone finds the love of their life and is as happy as we are."

Once the reception started, it was clearly time to party. I'm not sure I have seen that many bottles of whisky popped in such a short period of time in my life! It was an amazing time for everyone, myself included. Travis and Mikaela, thank you so very much for having me as part of your amazing wedding day. I truly appreciated the love you two have for each other. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Other Awesome Vendors:

Florals: Affair with Flowers

Catering: Toxic Wings and Fries

DJ: Lucas Cahill

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