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Jen and Tony's Wedding at Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia, California

Happy one month anniversary to two of the most bad ass people I know, my step brother Tony and his incredible wife, Jen. I can't believe it was already a month ago that we were guests and photographers at one of the biggest parties ever that just happened to be their wedding.

Jen and Tony are not only hilarious and easy-going, but also have a lot of street cred (at least with me). I mean, when the cake topper includes a motorcycle, I'm going to think you're pretty legit. Take that aura to one of the most incredibly beautiful venues that I have ever laid eyes on and I knew it was going to be an incredible wedding!

Throughout the day, I just couldn't believe the gorgeous façade that Jen had chosen as her wedding backdrop. The mansion has a lot of history, which of course intrigued me (nerd alert) but I will spare you the Civil-War era details. Except that did you know that Benicia used to be the capital of California for a while and one of the reasons the legislators were attracted to the area was because there were so many single young women there? Hey...whaddya know? I digress...

Jen and Tony's wedding, while obviously incredibly heartfelt and important to them, was also such a privilege for me to photograph. Marissa's cousin Annabelle was the adorable flower girl and her other cousin, Carlos Junior, stole the show during the ceremony as he trotted up and down the aisle with his toy cars. What an amazing insight into weddings I got...when your sweet little daughter can actually be your flower girl and zip up your bridal gown and be a part of your wedding photos (at least to the extent she was willing to tolerate pictures!)

There were so many memorable moments - one of the most epic cake smashes I have ever seen and hours of drop-it-like-it's-hot dance moves. Jen and Tony, thank you a million times over for having Wade and I be a part of your special day.

Below are some of my favorites and the entire gallery can be found here:

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