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Kayleen & Sam Engagement - Midday Shooting with the Sun

Kayleen and Sam live in Portland, but went to school together at University of Oregon and are getting married here in Eugene this fall. When we started coordinating what time they might be able to come down for their engagement shoot, it quickly became evident a late morning shoot would be what worked with their schedule. Midday sun is the most harsh light to shoot in, but unfortunately, a lot of the time I can't turn a photo shoot into a space shuttle launch and expect perfect conditions - I have to accommodate my clients and their availability. We met up at Dorris Ranch for what turned out to be a perfect engagement shoot.

The location was amazing (how have I never been here?) Orchards, barns, river, paths...I felt like I'd entered a whole new world in location for photo shoots! We were able to work with the open shade of the structures as well as the shade of the trees to protect Sam and Kayleen's pretty faces from too much shadowing. These two were so adorable. Kayleen texted me just as we were to meet up to warn me that Sam had forgotten his shirt for the shoot and would be disciplined "accordingly." I laughed out loud (like a creeper) in my car while waiting in the parking lot (please see previous creeper comment.) When they did arrive, their outfits coordinated perfectly (thank you, Valley River Center!) We were able to get so many fun shots - I love the way Kayleen is laughing throughout the whole shoot! Their wedding is going to be so much fun in September!!

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