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Kristen & Casey's Family Portrait Session: Eugene, Oregon Family Photographer

I love doing family portrait sessions. When I met up with Kristen, Casey, Alex and MaKaela last week at one of my all time favorite locations, I was reminded that it has been months since I had a family in front of my lens! With engagements, studio shoots and weddings, I was so glad that I had an opportunity to revisit one of my favorite photo opportunities :)

The main reason I love doing family sessions is this very first image below - this adorable, beautiful little moment between Kristen and Alex. As soon as I snapped it, I knew it was gold. I ran home and immediately pulled it up on the screen to process it first. I love everything about it! And, a particular reason I adore it, is because when we arrived Kristen said something important...She said, "I will get to be in the pictures for once!"

THAT statement is why I love getting full families together for a session. Because I know how it feels to see picture after picture of your "family" and children but, alas, you are not in it because you're behind the lens. Even if you do love taking photos of your children and your family, it is still important to get a family session taken by a pro every once in a least once a year! Your children are going to want to watch you grow with them...maybe you'll be getting more gray hairs in each session, but years from now, you'll be glad that you have nice photos of everyone. And, your children will too. :)

Okay, with that sentiment, enjoy some of my faves from the shoot below - then send me an email to set up your family session. It is gorgeous, warm, and lush for a few more weeks this summer and I have a few spots left.

Myers Photo Shoot June 326.jpg

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