Bonin Family - Eugene, Oregon Family Photographer

The beautiful Bonin family met up with me during the week, right as the golden hour was striking perfectly at 5:30 pm. Prior to the shoot, I may or may not have casually mentioned to Jessica Bonin a few times that she needed to update her family pictures. Jessica is my awesome and amazing accountant...An important person in my I have a real life job, I am also a photographer in my after-hours...I use my house for a studio...I have a kidlet (can I write that off somehow?) life.

So, when I first met Jessica in her office in Springfield, I noticed the adorable itty-bitty baby pictures on her desk. Thinking perhaps she and I had toddlers-in-common, I asked how old her wee ones were. "9 and 7" was her answer. Um, yes...some updating was in order.

The shoot was so much fun...Jessica and hubby, Josh, had me cracking up the entire time. These two, in addition to being ridiculously good-looking, also clearly share a hilarious sense of humor...the way to my heart. I left already plotting the initiation of a bro-mance for Josh and my husband...Does Josh golf, Jess?

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot :)

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