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Erika + Corey: Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Happy Friday! Erika and Corey's beautiful day was everything a backyard wedding should be; intimate, fun, beautiful, and with an honorary pup ring bearer. The wedding took place on a gorgeously large lot in the Cal Young area of Eugene (who knew lots were that big?) with the bride getting ready in the residence that is empty due to complete renovation. I was absolutely in LOVE with their house! Wonderful finishes - I told them I'd come back to shoot anytime! :)

The wedding itself was perfect. Erika and Corey first saw each other as Erika was coming down the aisle - even in the bright sun and 100+ degree heat, you could see Corey's face light up when he saw his stunning bride.

I'm still batting a thousand when it comes to tearing up at the weddings I shoot - one of my favorite parts of the big day was during the speeches; the father of the bride had such wonderful things to say about his daughter and it was hilarious hearing how seriously Corey takes his car show planning :)

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!

Beautiful MakeUp by Reina Allen:

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