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Location, Location, Location - Lane County List of Photography Locations

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What location is right for your photo shoot? Here are some of my favorites along with a list of pros and cons about each space!!

Dorris Ranch, Springfield, OR

PROS: Great location for year round shooting; beautiful orchard, variety of scenery. Great for all types of sessions. Public restrooms available, for outfit changes, etc.

CONS: Very crowded and can be difficult in the middle of the day with harsh light coming through the patchy trees.

Kelsea Jo Park, Creswell, OR

(Hey, a girl's gotta have a couple secrets, right?)

PROS: Exceptional variety in scenery, river access, trails, trees, relatively isolated. My 100% favorite place to shoot. Good for spring, summer, and fall and all session types.

CONS: Some not so choice locals have been seen roaming around and, it can be a bit of a drive to Creswell; also not advisable to shoot in the middle of the day. One port-a-potty.

Armitage Park, North Eugene

PROS: Beautiful, water access, variety of scenery including grass, stairs, R/R bridge, benches. Great for seniors and families with older or children that are not easily distracted by all of the people/noise. Engagement shoots as well. Nearby Coburg Pizza Company makes for a great stop afterwards! Public restrooms facility.

CONS: Can be quite crowded in the summer and on hot days. Very loud with the nearby freeway bridge. Day use fee.

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum

PROS: Great location, woodsy scenery, trails and water access. Great for all types of shoots, particularly family shoots. Best in spring and fall. Public restrooms.

CONS: Lighting ideal towards end of day, day use fee, can be very crowded year round. Varying backdrops can be limited.

Hendricks Park

PROS: Beautiful, tall trees, forgiving lighting, flattering golden hour locations. Limited restrooms.

CONS: Slope of the park can be difficult for posing couples. Limited variety in backdrops.

Skinner's Butte Park

PROS: Very convenient location, great views. Best for seniors and engagement, difficult for family shoots at top of hill. Very flattering lighting in the fall as well as brilliant fall colors.

CONS: Sloping can be difficult for posing. Can be crowded in the summer. No known public restrooms, but I could be wrong...

Downtown Eugene

PROS: Very versatile, urban-like feel, bricks, impressive facades. Beautiful variety to the shoot. Easy to accumulate many backdrops with short walks, great for seniors and couples. Lots of restroom availability.

CONS: Can be crowded, parking can be tricky, lighting can be difficult. Would be very hard for family shoots with young children.

Wayne Morse Ranch

PROS: Gorgeous, tall trees with filtered light. White cherry blossoms in the spring. Cute bench, fence, and white pavillion for a small variety in shots. Trails, easy access and easy parking. Best for couples and seniors.

CONS: Sloping can be difficult and lighting can be unforgiving if you are not there in the first morning or last evening hours. Also, regular tai chi (sp?) masters in the pavillion. Pavillion lighting is very dark.

University of Oregon campus

PROS: Unlike any other backdrop; beautiful and picturesque buildings. Best to time during a school break (not July because IntroDUCKtion groups are everywhere!)

CONS: Can be crowded, difficult to park, and lighting changes throughout the day. Seniors, couples, and families with older or children that are not easily distracted.

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