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Jennifer + Junior. Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer, Lane County Weddings

I felt so fortunate to be a part of Jennifer and Junior's wedding day. When Jennifer first contacted me, she asked what dates I still had available for the summer because she knew she wanted me as her photographer - biggest compliment EVER! We met for the first time with Junior and I knew these two were so head over heels in love that their wedding day would be wonderful!

They did not disappoint! The day dawned a beautiful August morning. The couple got married at Jennifer's brother's home, overlooking a beautiful valley. When I first arrived, I admired the sweeping views and was already envisioning the ceremony poised against the backdrop. Jennifer got ready on-site with the help of the sweetest flower girl ever (also named, Kelcei, so I was, of course biased :) ) while final prep was made. We orchestrated the first look and some stunning bride and groom portraits and were starting to figure out where the wedding party photo shoot would take place when we noticed the haze rolling in with a vengeance! Undeterred, we took some hilarious (read: tried to take some hilarious) shots with the wedding party and family and prepared for the ceremony. At this point, the smoke from all the nearby wildfires literally had changed the entire landscape. The valley floor was completely obscured by smoke! Jennifer and Junior took it in stride.

The haze cast a warm glow over the rest of the beautiful day that was filled with love and laughter. Junior's family catered the most DELICIOUS TACOS I've ever had in my life (even if they were a little spicy (my face pretty much tingled for a half hour afterwards - worth it!) and I was able to work with the amazing Green-Eyed Girl for the second time this summer! Woo! The day was gorgeous and, as usual, my attempt to narrow down favorites was a not very you get to look at a LOT :)

For the full wedding gallery or to order photos, click here:

Wedding Coordinator: Green-Eyed Girl Productions

Some of the beautiful wedding decor: Stepping Stone Rentals and Wedding Events

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