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Wyatt Newborn Session: Eugene, Oregon Family Photographer, Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Throwback Thursday to one of my favorite shoots I've ever done, my second sweet nephew, Wyatt.

Newborn photo shoots are hard. They take patience, expertise, experience, and TIME. The vision of a new baby in that beautiful snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug photo with their sweet new addition propped up on his or her hands in the froggy pose wearing an adorable bonnet is what many potential clients have in mind. That is something I'm not equipped to do! Photography is not my full-time job, I have a different one of those, plus, I have an adorable daughter I like to spend time with and there's a pretty awesome husband floating around in there as well. Thus, setting aside 4-5 hours on a weekend for one newborn photo shoot to take the time necessary to create those gorgeous, posed images is not something conducive to my business.

Enter the lifestyle newborn session. These sessions incorporate the entire family, the household, and baby's new environment. It is better for my photography style because it allows baby to be held during the majority of the shoot (usually resulting in a calmer baby) and doesn't require the slow, delicate, careful posing process after waiting for baby to fall asleep.

The goal with the lifestyle shoot is to incorporate mom and dad as well as any older siblings. I do always try and get some shots of new baby on his or her own, but simple shots of the bub wrapped up. I love what these lifestyle sessions offer by way of capturing a new or growing family together; preserving the moment and home that baby was brought into.

Wyatt, of course, was special. I don't normally head to the hospital to take some photos while baby is still there, but I am so glad I did. The first shots are taken when Wyatt was just a few hours old, meeting his older brother, Cash for the first time. The shots of Wyatt on the doorstep with Cash coming out to meet him is one of my all-time favorite sequences. Then, there are the shots of my beautiful sister and hubby, Billy, getting to know their second bundle of joy. These are just a few of my favorites from the shoot; with winter baby season approaching, I can't wait for the new round of newborn sessions to start! :)

Newborn Hats: Made by my sister:

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