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Kristen & Luke's Chic Orchard Wedding at Jack Scott Farms, Lebanon, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon W

Kristen and Luke had a stunning wedding last weekend at Jack Scott Farms in Lebanon, Oregon. Kristen was sent my way by my friend from high school, Darci, and I must thank Darci a million times over for sending this sweet, loving, beautiful, and camera-aware couple to me!

I was welcomed on site by the bride's out-of-this-world bouquet (seriously, popped right off of Pinterest) crafted by the talented Amanda Dant of Morning Glories Floral. After taking an abundant number of photos of the bouquet, it was up to the bridal suite to capture the final touches of the bride getting ready. I learned that Kristen, who is a make-up artist, was doing her own make-up as well as her bridesmaid's and mom (or mum, should I say as they are English (more parenthesis to say I tried to make them talk as much as possible all day to hear those amazing accents!)) Not surprisingly, everyone's make-up was flawless!

Kristen and Luke's stress immediately melted away as soon as they saw each other. They were so natural and warm in front of the camera, it was clear Kristen and Luke were perfect for each other ....something else that was perfect from the day, though, was the food! Kristen and Luke's family friend did a wicked tri-tip and BBQ grilled chicken...My assistant hailed it as the best wedding food he's ever had (mind you, we have eaten a LOT of wedding food!)

Kristen and Luke - thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. This short blog post (and unusually large number of parentheses) does nothing to capture the gorgeous wedding you had. Below is my poor attempt to narrow down some of my favorites :)

To view or order from the full gallery, click here:

Make-Up Artist: Kristen Hagemeister:

Florals: Morning Glories Floral:

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