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Heidi & Corey's Backyard Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Corey has been my brother's quiet, stoic, yet surprising, best friend for years. Corey is a man of few words, but of those few words, he would always emphatically tell me "Good morning!" no matter what time of the day. He also has his own super awesome and brilliant business, Divine Automotive Services, in which he is literally a mobile mechanic that drives to YOU to fix your car.

When this man of few words met Heidi several years ago, of course, we were all curious as to how it would go. Heidi is thoughtful, sweet, and to the point...she also is probably the only person on the planet that fully understands my love of unicorns. Naturally, I liked her immediately.

Fast-forward the years of their relationship as their wedding day arrived last weekend - in 100+ degree heat in Corey's dad's beautiful backyard. I loved Heidi's incorporation of bold and vibrant colors and, of course, glitter! while still maintaining a timeless elegance throughout the day. I imagine that her beautiful red hair was similar to an electric blanket while taking photos in the sun, but both Corey and Heidi smiled and beamed through the entire day. I can honestly say that I saw Corey smile more on that one wedding day that I think I have ever seen him smile throughout the entire time I've known him - he was that happy :)

Corey and Heidi - thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

Below are a few of my favorites, to view or order from the full gallery, click here:

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