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Lindsay & Ryan's Benson Hotel and Leach Botanical Garden Wedding, Oregon Wedding Photographe

Lindsay and Ryan were beautifully married on a Friday in late September. All week, the forecast called for rain but somehow, it held off and we ended up with a partly sunny, beautiful afternoon. I do not typically travel for weddings, but I was not going to say no to Lindsay...

First of all, I have known Lindsay for almost 10 years. She and I have a lot of the same best friends and our circle of people definitely know how to throw a party. When she told me she was getting ready at the historic Benson Hotel in downtown Portland, I was all in. I attended a photo workshop there and already knew I loved it! Add the fact that Lindsay is, herself, an event planner for the city of Portland and I knew it would be an amazing event!

Of course, the wedding did not disappoint. I was thinking that things could not get any better after the gorgeous shots we got at the Benson. The bridesmaids were all wedding pros and knew everything they needed to do to either help me get the shot or look perfect in the shot themselves. However, when we got to the venue, I was over the moon for all of Lindsey's details...I literally can't even list them all - a guest name word search as a guest book, a display of family members' wedding photos, cookies of Ryan and Lindsay's faces (yes, you read that right), and even down to the personalized napkins!

The entire day was filled with Lindsay and Ryan's glowing love (and Taco Bell references) and it was obvious that, not only are these two perfect for each other, but they have an amazing time together. I mean, I'm not sure how ANYONE could not have an amazing time with Lindsay. One of my favorite moments of the day was the speeches - both fathers, the maid of honor and the best man gave heartfelt, hilarious speeches that gave a perfect window into what the couple is like; together and individually. Lindsay and Ryan, thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of your perfect day. Here are *some* of my favorites (I really am terrible at narrowing down!)

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