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Hannah and Daniel, River Bend Farm and Orchard. Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer.

Where to begin when commemorating the gorgeous wedding day of Creswell's Hannah Banana and the awesomely sweet and caring Daniel? I have known Hannah for decades...Since she and her brother Luke used to run around our barn as children where their mom boarded her horses. To this day, the word "Hannah" is still written in black sharpie with a little heart under it right in the middle of our tack room...just where young Hannah thought it should be.

Fast forward almost 30 years...(man, how am I able to fast forward that far? Am I really getting that old? Don't answer that!) What an amazing young woman Hannah has become and what a kind, sweet, and thoughtful young man she has found. Hannah and Daniel's wedding was just as heartfelt and endearing as the two of them are as a couple. Despite the blistering heat (it was 105 degrees at the venue when we did the first look), the day was calm and serene with both Hannah and Daniel conscientious of each other, their families, and their guests. The beautiful details incorporated throughout the day (photos of family members who had passed away at the guest and gift tables, Hannah's photo-locket of her grandmother on her bouquet, Uncle Jeff as the officiant, the gorgeous cake-topper with mother, father, and son...) showed how important family is to this couple. One thing I could NOT get over was how ridiculously gorgeous the flowers were (You might notice that from the full gallery - there are a LOT of photos of the bouquets!)

The day was warm (literally and figuratively) and filled with love. Due to the heat, I was worried I was never going to get a chance to steal the bride and groom away for portraits. But, I should have known better with Kandice Kelso of Green-Eyed Girl Productions at the helm...She was able to carve out the 20 minutes I needed at sunset to get some goldenly golden hour images right as the sun was going down. And, we got them back to their reception just in time for a perfectly-lit cake cutting. Hannah and Daniel, thank you both for letting me be a part of this monumental season of your lives. I truly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness throughout this entire wedding process and loved every second of your big day. As always, here are a "few" of my favorites from your wedding day!

Wedding Coordinator: Green-Eyed Girl Productions

Floral Arrangements: Salina Grindstaff

Cupcakes and Cake: Bailey's Baked Goods

Catering: Lonestar BBQ

Hair: Torie Halvorsen

MakeUp: MAC

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