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Kendra and Allen's Cloverdale Chapel Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Kendra and Allen were married on a perfectly peaceful Wednesday afternoon last month at the historically amazing Cloverdale Chapel in Creswell. The wedding was small and joyful and it was clear that everyone in attendance was over the moon excited and happy about the union they were there to witness.

I actually did not meet neither Kendra or Allen until the wedding day itself. When I arrived saying I was the photographer, the first person I found was Allen. He immediately welcomed me and got me everything I needed to get started. When I say that Kendra and Allen are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet, that's not even the beginning of their kindness. They were thoughtful and appreciative not only to me, but to each other and their family around them.

One of my favorite aspects of the wedding was Kendra's gorgeous, blush-colored dress. It was the perfect compliment to her personality and the setting. My favorite moment (or one of them) was when the newlyweds sealed the deal with their kiss...check out the pic with Kendra's youngest daughter covering her eyes. I didn't catch that until editing and couldn't stop laughing (maybe also because it was 12 am when I was editing?) Kendra and Allen, thank you so much for having me capture your beautiful wedding day.


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