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Angela and Nik, Deep Woods Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

It seemed as though my 2017 season was just wrapping up when I was suddenly re-charging my gear for my first 2018 wedding! What an amazing way to start the new year!

Angela and Nik held their January wedding at the incredible Deep Woods Venue in Elmira. I had heard amazing things about the venue leading up to their big day and it did not disappoint! What a gorgeous backdrop to a beautiful wedding day!

The wedding itself was perfect and sentimental. I was so impressed by all of the delicate details arranged throughout the venue to tie in Nik and Angela's history together and even their childhoods. There was so much love evident between everyone there - it was clear these families were coming together to celebrate this sweet, loving couple. Sweet and loving until the cake-cutting, that is...Secretly, I'm always hoping for a good face-smash cake-cutting...even though I probably would've annulled my own marriage the next day if my husband had done it to me! It is always so fun and I think all the guests are secretly hoping for it too!

Angela and Nik, thank you so much for having me be a part of your wedding day!

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