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Kelly and Keith's Jasper House Farm, Cotton and Southern Charm Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding P

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I love Joanna Gaines just as much as the next gal...But, if the truth comes out, that's as southern as I get. When I met with Keith and Kelly last year and she explained her cotton, magnolia and green idea of a classic wedding tying in her southern roots, I was so hooked! The wedding venue of Jasper House Farm was a perfect backdrop for Kelly's vision. Kelly even incorporated cotton that her family brought from town in Louisiana.

Of course, a June wedding in Oregon is always risky with the weather. During the preceding day's downpour, Kelly and Keith decided to move the ceremony inside. The day of the wedding dawned cloudy and with rain in the forecast. Before I even got to the venue, I was already planning out the things I was going to tell Kelly, "overcast is great lighting" "rain is good luck on your wedding day!" "this will actually go so perfectly with navy in your color palette..." (Yes, these are the things I plan on my way to weddings...)

When I arrived, there was no need to "console" Kelly. She was glowing and she told me the weather didn't's part of the memory. These photos would look completely different if I had needed to find shade constantly throughout the day - I love how the diffuse sky above created the perfect lighting.

Kelly and Keith are so kind and loving to each other. I grew up with Keith's older sister, Sara, and I always thought, "How is she just so nice?" It must be in the upbringing because Keith is the exact same way - sweet, nice, quiet and was ready to do virtually anything Kelly asked of him on the wedding day. One of my favorite moments was when Kelly was convincing Keith to put her veil over his head for a photo...He was like, "What? Why? No...okay. I hope it looks better than it feels right now..." Kelly, as a human, is inherently radiant somehow. I think it comes from her smile and her soft-spoken voice. Kelly, as a bride, was a freakin' goddess. Every angle was her best one and she couldn't take a bad picture throughout the entire day...even when she was leaning over corralling her first born pup into a photo op.

Kelly and Keith, thank you so eternally much for including me in this wedding day with your joyful and fun families. My assistant accused me of picking up a Louisiana accent for about 15 minutes towards the end of the reception...I mean, I'd be okay with that.

Below are some of my favorites, but you can view the entire gallery here:

Venue: Jasper House Farm

Florals: Farm Fancy, LLC

















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