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Kaelene and Helgi - Mount Pisgah Arboretum Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

To say that this one was one for the books would be an understatement. There were so many little pieces that came together for the day to be perfect and magical, but a lot of those little pieces had to travel 6,184 km (which I had to translate into miles via Google to 3,848 for all of us Americans) to get here.

Kaelene and I are from the same small town, Creswell. We knew of each other peripherally (she was the same age as my younger brother) and, like all good small town kids, we supported each others' ventures on social media and kept general track of each other in the years since graduation. From afar, her situation fascinated and confused me...All of a sudden, she was living half way across the world! What the heck was a Creswell girl doing in Iceland? Who is she there with? Why did she go? Is she coming back? What's it like in Iceland? I it cold?

Then, a baby bump was showing up in her posts and, upon closer inspection, a dashing greek god looking fella was also there (and presumably, had been there). Her feed was really getting interesting! Next thing I knew, baby Henrik was highlighting her posts and then...ooh! an engagement ring!

When Kaelene contacted me to shoot her wedding, which would take place here at one of my favorite venues, Mt. Pisgah, I may or may not have kicked my heels together, grabbed my husband and toured him painstakingly through her Instagram feed...LOOK, Wade! Isn't this bride fascinating and beautiful?! She's from Creswell! Yes, she went to school with Nick! No, I don't know what her Instagram name means...Yes, I'm sure they drink good beer there...I don't know how long it stays daylight...why aren't you focusing on how awesome this wedding is going to be?! Fine, you can go back to watching the Masters...

Anyways, I digress. Kaelene was planning the whole shebang from Iceland. She, her betrothed Helgi, and I met at my house and I was head over heels for their love story, their banter, and also the Icelandic IPA they brought me. When the day came, I felt like I had a clear vision of the natural, photojournalistic style they were both after and was ready to meet the "Viking" entourage that was making the big trip for the wedding.

The wedding day was all that we had hoped for and more. Other than the 97 degree temperatures (and the Icelanders explaining they were physically melting out of their clothes) the day was gorgeous, flawless, and a photographer's dream. Kaelene and Helgi are so perfect for each other and their fairytale was told throughout the day - Kaelene and Helgi met in Australia (I think?) while they were both studying abroad. I'm not sure how the big decision was made that Kaelene would relocate to Iceland, but it truly made for a love story like no other, Kaelene and Helgi, thank you so much for including me in this chapter in your lives. It was a privilege.

Some of my favorites are below but the full gallery can be found here:

Venue: Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Florals: Gypsy Bleu Arts and Florals

Hair and Make-up: Sarah Johnson

DJ: Fallon Love Productions

Catering: Philyaw's Cookout

Groomsmen poses


Eugene, Oregon Bridal Getting Ready Shots

Mount Pisgah wedding first look


wedding ceremony at Mount Pisgah

Wedding under oak tree at Mount Pisgah

bride and groom cake cutting

golden hour at Mount Pisgah

wedding reception dancing at Pisgah

bride and groom first dance at Pisgah

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