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Corrina and Daniel's Backyard Wedding, Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Corrina and Daniel are two of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet. They radiate love not just for each other, but for all of their friends and family around them. By the time I was leaving their backyard wedding (shot at Corrina's childhood home) I felt like a new member of their family.

First of all, Corrina is an amazing photographer. It is always nerve-wracking taking pictures of another professional but Corrina made me feel at ease the entire day and instead of directing traffic herself (like us photographers tend to do!), she gave me the reins to guide the wedding day portraits. Her and Daniel didn't need much direction - they are so ridiculously adorable together that all I had to do was document the love that was already right in front of my camera. *side note: our portrait session was unusually abbreviated due to a CAR FIRE that we came upon while walking to a creek for pictures. Daniel sprung into action and grabbed a neighbor's hose to douse the flames. It turned out to be a wedding guest. The fire was extinguished but by then, it was already practically time to head back to the reception. The photos still make for some epic memories!

Secondly, everyone around these two loves them so dearly. I couldn't believe the turnout at this wedding. Backyard weddings are typically low-key, small, and intimate. This wedding was low-key and intimate, but so many people were present to support and participate in this marriage that I felt like there was a new guest to document (I was the photo guestbook) every time I turned around! The speeches reflected the generosity and kindness that Corrina and Daniel show their friends and family and the dance party that followed the couples' first dance (the Hora/h!) was even more proof of the warmth and comfort everyone felt for these two! Daniel and Corrina, thank you for having me as part of your incredible wedding day! Here are some of my favorites, but the full gallery can be found here:

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