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Rachel + Darrell: Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

How lucky am I that I had the opportunity to share in Rachel and Darrell's beautiful wedding day?? Answer: VERY! I loved all the little details of their wedding - it was clearly painstakingly put together...From the favor fans with "Honer" tied to them, to the multiple-generation cake topper, I loved all the personalization and thoughtfulness that went into their big day!

There were so many beautiful shots in the Cloverdale Chapel and outside that it was hard to narrow down which ones to include in this post. I tried to do a variety of all of the moments I was able to share with the couple. Rachel was a stunning bride and I was able to get so many gorgeous portraits of her before we coordinated the first look. When the couple finally did get to see each other, we went outside behind the Chapel for a sort of fairytale moment which Darrell thought was "soooo authentic." Heehee. He was being sarcastic, of course. Seeing as Darrell and I have known each other since, ummm, well, longer than I could remember, I let it slide.

The Chapel was a perfect setting for the couple to get some shots done...Then, we went outside and played with the storm clouds a bit. The photo below, silhouetted against the dark clouds, was actually the result of my flash FAILING to fire. Grrr!! When I got home and previewed it...I sorta liked it. It's a little dark for a wedding, but was Friday the 13th, right? So, I posted it and loved the feedback...especially from the bride! Thank you both so so so much for letting me be a part of your day. A perfect kick-off to the 2014 wedding season :)

To see Rachel & Darrell's Full Wedding Gallery, click on the "galleries" tab above!

WMHoner Wedding BW512.jpg
WMHoner Wedding BW241.jpg
WMHoner Wedding 678.jpg
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