Michele & Kyle Engagement - Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

A gorgeous fall day with less than gorgeous weather...Enter Oregon. Because it's Thursday, I felt I could get away with a little bit of a throw back. Not far, just to the fall of 2014 :) Remember, I'm playing catch up a bit here on the blog.

Michele and I had been emailing about the beautiful fall colors. The day of the scheduled photo shoot came and it was POURING rain! We emailed in the morning and discussed maybe having a super cute umbrella to pose with or even postponing. Michele was excited and ready to do the shoot, so rain or shine, we headed out. Soooo glad we did! This day ended up being beautiful! Even though it was very late into the year, the fall colors will still present and stunning!

I fell in love with this shoot just by looking at the back of my camera - I couldn't WAIT to process some of the sneak peeks! Ultimately, I ended up with way more photos than usual, but I didn't hear any complaints from Michele and Kyle :) SOOO excited to be a part of their wedding in 2016!!

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